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About C+H Art Kollektiv

C+H Art Kollektiv is Carsten Eichmann, PhD and Helene Marie Thian, JD, MA.
We began creating music/videos/spoken word art in 2000 in Zürich.

In 2020, we have submitted a video artwork consisting of 4 videos and entitled Candelabra
to the Bonn Museum in Germany for its Videonale.18 video art competition.

We have also created the music video below entitled Kind to Nature.


In 2002, C+H Art Kollektiv created several videos featuring Helene’s poetry performance and her collage/mixed media works filmed and edited by Carsten. Fast forwarding to 2020, four of the videos were revised and combined to create one work titled Candelabra.

This last video of the four is Helene’s poetical musings on an antique candelabra found buried in the bottom of Lake Zürich by Carsten on one of his snorkeling adventures. Rising from the depths, surviving the depths: all of us.

Produced by C+H Art Kollektiv

Kind To Nature

Music, Lyrics and Video by Carsten Eichmann © 2007/2020
Creative Advisor: Helene Marie Thian
Produced by C+H Art Kollektiv

 Helene Marie Thian, JD, MA is an artist/poet/writer from New Orleans, Louisiana who previously lived for many  years in Japan, trained in Jungian psychology at the C. G. Jung institut in Zürich and obtained her Master’s (With Distinction) from University of the Arts London. She is also a haikuist and won an Ion Codrescu Prize in a haiku competition in March, 2020 sponsored by the Research Centre for Japanese Culture Structural Studies in Kyoto, Japan. Her collages with found objects and Dadaist poetry are featured in the video artwork Candelabra, created with Carsten Eichmann for their C+H Art Kollektiv, and submitted to the Bonn Museum in Germany in June, 2020 for Videonale.18.

Her favourite sentence is from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Gale from Kansas says to her dog when they end up in the land of Oz, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” 

Dr. Carsten Eichmann obtained his Master’s in Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and his PhD in Physiology at University of Marburg. Since 2004, he is a freelance Website designer/software developer/videographer and resides in Germany and Switzerland.

He has been creating experimental music and art videos for C+H Art Kollektiv since 2000.

We love Nature. We love Art.

C+H Art Kollektiv. Zürich/New Orleans.

Helene Marie Thian, JD, MA
Dr.rer.physiol. Carsten Eichmann

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